M910, Centos 6.2, UEFI - hang on boot

Richard Chan rspchan at starhub.net.sg
Fri Mar 30 06:52:39 CDT 2012


Centos 6.2, M910, UEFI mode hangs on boot after the two kernel/initrd lines
(load address/size) are shown.
Absolutely no output subsequently.

Centos 6.2 installs and runs on the M910(same blade)  in BIOS mode.
Centos 6.2 installs and runs on R510 and R810 in UEFI mode

I have upgraded the M910 firmware to the lastest available.

Does the M910/Centos 6.2/UEFI combo have any known quirks?

I was thinking of moving my servers all to UEFI, but it still seems quite

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