Linux Centos 6.2 not inventoried in OME System Update

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I received the following feedback from the OME development team:

You may find it helpful that there is a specific Dell OME forum at<>.

So that will be the fastest way to get answers.  But here are a few comments:

1.       When you say the TS tool works, ok, what version of OMSA is returned in the result set.  If you don't see an entry for Server Administrator, then the SNMP TS test was not successful and you won't get inventory.

2.       There may be some other steps to set up snmp.  See the OME video page at this link for the OME Linux setup video:

3.       Win 2008 looks ok?  That's good.
Once you get the OMSA version showing up in the SNMP test result set from the TS tool, and the inventory showing up in the OME device tree for this server, then you should be able to patch.

Wayne Weilnau
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Problem: Centos 6.2 / 11G servers are discovered and inventoried by OME, but do not show up as inventoried in OME
System Update

I have several Centos 6.2 servers x86_64 (r510, r810) that are discovered/inventoried successfully by OME and classified as "Servers". All the details (hardware, firmware versions) appear correct.

Correlation with BMC/DRAC is working as well. OMSA 6.5 is running on all the servers.

However, under OME System Update all the servers show up as non-inventoried. If I individually repeat the Inventory task
it doesn't change anything under System Update. The inventory tasks also do no  report any errors.

1. Dell Troubleshooting Tool shows no issues with Services/SNMP protocols
2. I have installed srvadmin-cm and restarted the dataeng service
3. Another Windows 2008 R2 server appears as Inventoried in both Devices and System Update.

Any suggestions to get Centos 6.2 x86_64/11G servers to be Inventoried under OME System Update?

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