Linux Centos 6.2 not inventoried in OME System Update

Richard Chan rspchan at
Wed Mar 28 02:56:50 CDT 2012


Problem: Centos 6.2 / 11G servers are discovered and inventoried by OME,
but do not show up as inventoried in OME
System Update

I have several Centos 6.2 servers x86_64 (r510, r810) that are
discovered/inventoried successfully by OME and classified as "Servers". All
the details (hardware, firmware versions) appear correct.

Correlation with BMC/DRAC is working as well. OMSA 6.5 is running on all
the servers.

However, under OME System Update all the servers show up as
non-inventoried. If I individually repeat the Inventory task
it doesn't change anything under System Update. The inventory tasks also do
no  report any errors.

1. Dell Troubleshooting Tool shows no issues with Services/SNMP protocols
2. I have installed srvadmin-cm and restarted the dataeng service
3. Another Windows 2008 R2 server appears as Inventoried in both Devices
and System Update.

Any suggestions to get Centos 6.2 x86_64/11G servers to be Inventoried
under OME System Update?

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