C6100 BIOS setting from userspace

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Mon Mar 19 13:28:44 CDT 2012

Harvey, M J wrote, On 03/19/2012 11:46 AM:
> Hi,
> Hopefully the Poweredge list is also the right place to ask about DCS systems- apologies if not.
> I've a bunch of C6100s that I would dearly love to enable C-states on, but  the omconfig biossetup tool appears not to
> support these units.
> The best I've got from tech support is that "it can be set via IPMI", but have drawn a blank on getting actual instructions on how to do this.
> Does anyone know how  to set the BIOS C-states (and other) settings from Linux userspace?

Hmm, i'd be surprised if you could change that via IPMI, but please
let us know if you find a way to do it.  Perhaps DTK's syscfg has
the ability to alter this?

Well, doesn't look like there's a C-State token that can be toggled
via 'libsmbios': (at least for this particular system that i don't
manage, so i can't just upgrade the BIOS and see if a newer BIOS
presents a C-States token interface, but you may have different

[root at node1 opt]# dmidecode -s system-product-name
[root at node1 opt]# dmidecode -s bios-version
(that looks like it might be an old BIOS rev)

[root at node1 opt]# /opt/libsmbios/sbin/smbios-token-ctl | egrep -i -C3 '(c|p) state'
  Token: 0x0221 - Power/Performance Management (OS/Hypervisor DBPM)
  value: bool = false
   Desc: Allows OS to change the P state.
  Token: 0x0222 - Power/Performance Management (Dell DBPM)
  value: bool = false
   Desc: BIOS based P state control.
  Token: 0x0223 - Power/Performance Management (None)
  value: bool = true

Whereas on a PowerEdge R710 you see:
foo:~# /opt/libsmbios/sbin/smbios-token-ctl | egrep -i -C3 '(c|p) state'
   Desc: This field controls the number of enabled cores in each processor. By de
         fault, the maximum number of cores per processor will be enabled.
  Token: 0x024b - C States Control (Enabled)
  value: bool = true
   Desc: When set to Enabled, the processor can operate in all availabe Power C S
  Token: 0x024c - C States Control (Disabled)
  value: bool = false
   Desc: When set to Disabled, there are no C states available for the processor
  Token: 0x0304 - unknown (unknown)
  value: bool = false

which you could change via:

smbios-token-ctl --activate -i 0x024c   (disable C-States)
smbios-token-ctl --activate -i 0x024b   (enable C-States)

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