Degraded Enclosure and now RAID problems

Steff steff at
Wed Mar 14 07:11:52 CDT 2012

On 14 March 2012 12:03, Mark Watts <m.watts at> wrote:
> My initial reaction would be to remove and reinsert that disk and see
> if the array rebuilds onto it. Sometimes PERC cards do kick disks out
> of arrays but then happily rebuild onto them and continue working for
> years afterwards.
> Depending on what state the disk is in you may need to initialise that
> disk before re-adding it to the array.

If you have something compatible and JBODish available, you can also
plonk the suspect disk in that and ask it how it's feeling with
smartmontools before taking a decision on reinserting it. Doing a
RAID5 rebuild and risking provoking one of the remaining disks to
throw a fit in the process only to discover that the rejected drive
really was in its death throes would be really, really tiresome.


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