Degraded Enclosure and now RAID problems

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On 03/13/2012 04:47 PM, Edward Ashley wrote:
> Hi, With one of the Poweredge 2950 servers here I am getting this
> error from the nagios openmanage plugin:
> Physical Disk 1:0:4 [Dell ST3300555SS, 300GB] on ctrl 0 needs
> attention: Foreignbr/Logical Drive /dev/sdb [RAID-5, 836.63 GB]
> needs attention: Degradedbr/Enclosure 0:1:0 [Backplane] on
> controller 0 is Degraded

This means disk 1:0:4 has failed and needs replacing.
This is disk 4 as labelled on the front of the server.

"Degraded" means you have lost the one disk that RAID-5 allows you to
loose while still presenting valid data.

> When looking through open manage it doesn't give me much
> information just a lot of yellow triangle symbols and when looking
> at the Physical Disk properties what is worrying is this:
> Capacity	278.88GB Used RAID Disk Space	0.00GB Available RAID Disk
> Space	278.88GB

Now, this may mean that disk 1:0:4 is still working but has dropped
out of the array for some reason (hopefully stated in the logs).

My initial reaction would be to remove and reinsert that disk and see
if the array rebuilds onto it. Sometimes PERC cards do kick disks out
of arrays but then happily rebuild onto them and continue working for
years afterwards.
Depending on what state the disk is in you may need to initialise that
disk before re-adding it to the array.

If it doesn't rebuild, I'd replace it with a new one.

Clearly you should take full backups before you start doing anything
in case another disk fails.


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