Non Recoverable, SEL:CPU 1 machine check detected.

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Could you provide more details on these systems? Which processor(s) are you using on the machines giving this error? Are they different from those in the R815's that are not giving this error?

Since this sounds like it's not specific to running Linux but a hardware or firmware issue, you probably also want to contact Dell support. If there is a hardware failure occurring (not out of the question), you would need to be in contact with them anyway.

By the way, the latest BIOS version for this system is 2.3.0, and there are several other firmware updates that you probably want to take (iDRAC, LC, and PSU firmware updates all marked "urgent").


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Dear All

the following error randomly appears on LCDs of our servers
during reboot:

Non Recoverable, SEL:CPU 1 machine check detected.

We noted at least 10 such events.
The server works then more or less correctly, but I dont feel
comfortable with this (orange blinking LCD). This does not happen every reboot,
nor periodically . Just after next reboot it appeared.

There are some variants of this message - mainly CPU numer changes.
Within error log it says that a sensor caused non  recovarable
assertion .....

When I clear event log during boot (CTRL-E), then make hardware test
- no errors are detected ... And all look fine - until next Nth reboot
(N from 1 to 10)

It happened on at least 5 new R815 server (BIOS 1.5.2)  ...
We are running Debian Linux on our servers ..

Any hints ???


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