Dell PowerEdge 1950: udev hanging on boot on recent CentOS 5 kernels

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Fri Mar 9 10:05:41 CST 2012

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> 5 kernels
> > Which dell_ie* rpms do you have installed?
> ----
> # rpm -qa | grep ^dell_ie
> dell_ie_bios-3.1.0-1.3.2.el5.x86_64
> dell_ie_nic_broadcom-1.1.0-6.x86_64
> dell_ie_sas-3.1.0-1.3.2.el5.x86_64
> ----
Ok, you have dell_ie_nic_broadcom, good.

> > Did yum install $(bootstrap_firmware) pull down any Broadcom nic
> payload rpms?	
> Yes.
> > You can try "yum erase firmware-tools" and answer no (or --assumeno)
> to see all the payload packages you have installed
> In the output of 'yum remove firmware-tools':
>  BCM5708_Copper_LOM_ven_0x14e4_dev_0x164c
> noarch  4:a07-1                installed  3.8 M
>  dell_ie_nic_broadcom
> x86_64  1.1.0-6                installed  5.4 M
Ok, "yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)" pulled down the Broadcom payload that is good.

> If rebooting
> after disabling OMSA makes the Broadcom NIC visible to
> 'inventory_firmware', then OMSA is definitely doing something wrong
> here...

One thing to check is running the Broadcom module directly. All dup_ie_* rpms install under /usr/libexec/dell_dup/%{name}-%{version}, so: /usr/libexec/dell_dup/dell_ie_nic_broadcom-1.1.0. The PIEConfig.xml file contains instructions for executing the dup, see the <Plugin description="Inventory">, <CliToStdout> tags: "dup_inv -print" so, try running: "/usr/libexec/dell_dup/dell_ie_nic_broadcom-1.1.0/dup_inv -print" as root, and see if you get any sort of errors. There are some other utilities in there that might be helpful too.


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