Lifecycle Controller Platform Update Release Cycle

Karsten Suehring suehringlists at
Fri Mar 9 06:30:55 CST 2012


I have a number of PowerEdge R410 and R710 machines equipped with
iDRAC6 Express or Enterprise controllers. One of the reasons for
buying these cards was having a simple way of updating all kinds of
firmware without having to boot a supported OS.

It seems the catalog for Platform Update has been updated last in
November 2011 and does not include the recently released BIOS 6.1;
iDRAC 1.85 and Broadcom Network 6.4.5 firmware versions.

I think I have read before that these catalogs are usually updated
quarterly. Does anybody know the schedule for the next update? Is
there a web site which documents these?

Best regards,

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