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Hi Adam ,
   In iDRAC Express iDRAC network is in shared Mode .
In Shared Mode The iDRAC6 uses LOM1 on the planar.
And as replied below by Donny you can connect network cable to port 1 to get connected with iDRAC6.
For more information on Shared Network  you can check in iDRAC 6 user guide :

On 3/8/2012 8:21 AM, Adam Williams wrote:

> I have an R710 with an iDRAC6 Express that I would like to use.  The

> server does not have a NIC port next to the wrench label on the back

> of the unit.  That spot has a plastic blank out piece.  I guess that

> means that the iDRAC6 Express runs over one of the standard NIC ports?

> In OMSA 6.5 it shows the iDRAC6 Express configured with a proper

> Static

> IPv4 address for my network, but I am unable to ping the iDRAC6

> Express.  The NIC Selection in the iDRAC6 Express is set to Shared.

> The active NIC in the server is the NIC labeled as port 3 on the back

> of the server.  Does the network cable need to be plugged into NIC

> port 1 instead, or what am I doing wrong?


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On that server you would probably be better off selecting Failover ALL LOM's or just put it on port 1 if that is what the network cable is in.

You will have to have the IP set to the same range as the machine address IIRC. Unless you are on a tagged vlan be sure to not enable vlan tagging.


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