PERL scripts to retrieve warranty informations no longer working

Trond Hasle Amundsen t.h.amundsen at
Thu Mar 8 10:37:36 CST 2012

Giulio <giulioo at> writes:

>> Does anybody know of a way to pass the service tag via an HTML link to
>> so that the browser gets directly to the warranty info
>> page for the specific server?
> Note that this url will be automatically rewritten by
> depending on your locale or your browser's, you may want to hardcode
> the rewritten url for your locale instead of this one.
> Instead of t=warranty you can guess other params for other info, ie
> t=config
> ...

Ah.. excellent, thank you. Works like a charm :)

Trond H. Amundsen <t.h.amundsen at>
Center for Information Technology Services, University of Oslo

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