PERL scripts to retrieve warranty informations no longer working

Daniel De Marco ddm at
Wed Mar 7 07:34:32 CST 2012

Dell changed the page format. 
See the list archive for alternate solutions. In particular:


* Alessandro Faglia <alessandro.faglia at> [03/07/2012 05:22]:
>    Dear list,
>    I am using a PERL script that is retrieving days left for my PE servers.
>    It was working flawlessy but now it stopped.
>    The script is visible here: [1], or you
>    can find an additional script, more complex, attached to this mail. Both
>    stopped to work since the end of february, 2012.
>    Anybody using this kind of scripts have an idea of what's going on and how
>    to fix?
>    Thanks.
>    Alessandro

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