Setting Service Tag using smbios-sys-info

Xavier Bachelot xavier at
Tue Mar 6 09:27:32 CST 2012

On 03/05/2012 09:00 PM, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> Xavier Bachelot wrote, On 03/05/2012 07:49 AM:
> ...
>> I'm able to set the Asset Tag, but I can't set the Service Tag.
> ...
>> # smbios-sys-info --service-tag --set=XXXXXXX
>> Current tag value:
>> Service Tag:
>> I had one motherboard fixed using the DOS tool, but that's not
>> convenient in my environment.
>> Does anyone have any hints on what is going on or any idea to
>> troubleshot this issue ?
> Xavier,
> Please see:
> I put some info on using the much older libsmbios "serviceTagS"
> utility which may provide you some goodness here, if the newer tool
> doesn't work.
> Otherwise, i'm not sure. this may rely on one of the kernel modules
> dcdbas(perhaps) or dell_rbu(unlikely).  While i would expect that
> if said requirement wasn't met, the tool would report such, but
> given the amount of status hiding in OMSA tools (lots of low-level
> dependencies seem to be dumped to /dev/null or some hidden file
> buried in /var/log/dell/foo/bar/...  I guess i wouldn't be surprised
> if the tool was simply silently failing to report something.  I
> think the decision here was to protect "the customer" from getting
> overwhelmed with technical information :-(
> # modinfo dcdbas | grep description
> description:    Dell Systems Management Base Driver (version 5.6.0-2)
> # modinfo dell_rbu | grep descript
> description:    Driver for updating BIOS image on DELL systems
Got it to work, thanks to your hints.

I strace'd the command and it showed it wasn't able to open 
I then loaded the dcbas module and tried again to strace. The error on 
opening the file disappeared.
At this point, "omreport chassis info" still wasn't showing the Service 
Tag, but after a reboot, the Service Tag was there.

Thanks again for the hints, it helped a lot.


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