Setting Service Tag using smbios-sys-info

Xavier Bachelot xavier at
Mon Mar 5 08:49:47 CST 2012


I have a couple motherboards without a Service Tag (out of several 
hundred). I'm trying to fix that using the smbios-sys-info command.
The servers are both R410 and R710, running either CentOS 4 or CentOS 5. 
The CentOS 4 are running OMSA 6.1 and the CentOS 5 are running OMSA 6.5. 
The smbios stack is version 2.2.26 in both case and is coming from EPEL.

I'm able to set the Asset Tag, but I can't set the Service Tag.

# smbios-sys-info --service-tag --set=XXXXXXX
Current tag value:
Service Tag:

Setting new tag value: XXXXXXX
# omreport chassis info
Chassis Information

Index                                    : 0
Chassis Name                             : Main System Chassis
Host Name                                :
iDRAC6 Version                           : 1.54
Chassis Model                            : PowerEdge R710
Chassis Lock                             : Present
Chassis Service Tag                      :
Express Service Code                     :
Chassis Asset Tag                        :
Flash chassis identify LED state         : Off
Flash chassis identify LED timeout value : 300

I had one motherboard fixed using the DOS tool, but that's not 
convenient in my environment.
Does anyone have any hints on what is going on or any idea to 
troubleshot this issue ?


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