PowerEdge R510 hangs on uptime > 200 days

cupertino cupertino at gmx.net
Sun Mar 4 04:26:38 CST 2012

In fact you should contact SuSE support. 
A friend of mine told me a similar story a few weeks ago. All of their
SLES11SP1 systems suddenly crashed after certain amount of uptime. SuSE
did know about that and provided a solution. 
Unfortunately I can't remember any details now (not even sure if they
had Dell servers) but if I'll find out more, I'll let you know. 

On Sun, 2012-03-04 at 11:18 +0100, Ruediger Gunreben wrote:
> Hi,
> we are a company selling R510 with our software based on SLES11SP1.
> Last year we were told to update the bios version from 1.3.6 to 1.6.3
> due to a bug that systems freeze abrupt.
> We experienced this fact in productive enviornment and upgraded all
> necessary machines.
> But now - about 200 days later the machines / and also other machines
> which already had the bios version 1.6.3 crashes without any
> notification in logfiles (we also have drac log which keep no
> information than unknown system halt (or similar))
> The dell technicians (pro support) have no clue and told us it is the
> operating system :-( but that cannot be - the uptime is a fact which
> cannot be ignored. The systems do their work all day and it's not
> reasonable why it is the operating system. Other R510 weren't affected
> (yet).
> Currently we had 5 real outages and rebootet 15 machines preventative.
> But there were about 30 machines out at the customers where we have no
> access or cannot reboot due to critical productive environment.
> Has anyone similar experiences? Is a bios update to 1.9.0 helpful
> (please provide additional information what was fixed that could match
> our problem). Is this freeze related to bios version or could there be
> other components?
> Is there a way to find out what hardware build version of R510 we have?
> Perhaps it is a series of R510 which have this error.
> We did no adjustments/tuning in bios.
> Any ideas are welcome.
> Regards
> Ruediger
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