DRAC setup with bonded interfaces

Donny Brooks dbrooks at mdah.state.ms.us
Thu Mar 1 10:11:59 CST 2012

I have a few poweredge servers that I am loading proxmox (debian based) 
on to. They are as follows:
R610 with a iDRAC 6 enterprise
2 x 2900's with I think iDRAC 5 express in each
T710 with iDRAC 6 Express

The R610 and T710 each have 4 NIC's that I plan to bond 2 for SAN 
traffic and 2 bonded with trunk for standard network while the 2900's 
each only have 2 so it will be 1 and 1. In our setup we run various 
vlans and I want the DRAC's to be accessible on the default untagged 
vlan of 1 just the same as the switches and the hypervisors for the 
virtual machines. However I have not found a concise setup for these to 
get them accessible on the network. Since the R610 and T710 will be over 
a trunked and bonded interface is this even possible? Any guidance is 
greatly appreciated.

Donny B.

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