Kickstart an R610 from a 10Gb card

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we have bought a number of R610 with dual X520-T2 cards.

I'd like to kickstart them with RHEL5.8 from the 10Gb interfaces.

At the moment I'm stuck at the fact that they don't appear in the bios 
at all. I tried to upgrade the firmware using the Linux version 
contained in PREBOOT.EXE. Everything seems to complete correctly but 
when I reboot the machine I can't see the interfaces anywhere. I can 
only see the embedded ones. Below is the output of bootutil64e after a 
rerun today. Do you know if there is any problem with the Linux utility? 
or if I'm missing some vital information?

Thanks a lot for any help


/./bootutil64e -ALL  -UP=Combo -FILE=../BootIMG.FLB

Intel(R) Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility
BootUtil version
Copyright (C) 2003-2011 Intel Corporation

Programming flash on port 1 with flash firmware image
Create restore image of NIC 1 before proceeding? (Y)es or (N)o: y

Saving flash firmware image on port 1 to file 151C401B.FLB...
Filename 151C401B.FLB already exists.
(O)verwrite/proceed or (S)top execution?: o

Flash update successful

Skipping port 2 (shared flash with previous port)

Port Network Address Series  WOL Flash Firmware                    Version
==== =============== ======= === ================================= =======
   1   6805CA0395C0   10GbE   N/A UEFI,PXE,iSCSI                    -------
   2   6805CA0395C1   10GbE   N/A UEFI,PXE,iSCSI                    -------/

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