Large number of "Physical Device Device ID 0xFFFF" messages (vmware)

Brian Mathis brian.mathis+dell at
Mon Jul 30 18:42:48 CDT 2012

I'm running VMware ESXi 4.1u1 on some PowerEdge 2950s and R610s and
recently started getting a barrage of messages from them:
    esxi-host sfcb-vmware_base[6084]: storelib Physical Device Device
ID           : 0xFFFF
    esxi-host last message repeated 104 times

I've done a bunch of searching and cannot find any resolution, other
then disabling the CIM broker, but we're using that as part of the
OpenManage install.  Some indications point to debug messages coming
from the RAID driver.  All of these systems have local storage with
either PERC6/i or H700s.  All the RAIDs and batteries check out OK.

Any ideas what's causing this?

❧ Brian Mathis

P.S. I apologize for this not being strictly Linux related, but Dell
doesn't seem to have VMware mailing lists

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