Poweredge R520 and Debian based

Michael Andriantsoavina mandriantsoavina at spgq.qc.ca
Mon Jul 30 12:50:37 CDT 2012

>> The 57810 will work with Ubuntu 12.04 but not before that release.

Well, this is a good news, I'm going to use Ubuntu.

>> then yes, its recognized when you use Debian Squeeze default kernel with
firmware drivers (netinstall w. prop. drivers = firmware iso) - we`re using
this here too. runs great. (its the bnx2 driver)

Well, that's another good news too. As I google, I saw that ubuntu already
"certified" [1] the onboard NIC

Thanks for fast reply,

[1] http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201003-5450/

Mike A.

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