Poweredge R520 and Debian based

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The 57810 will work with Ubuntu 12.04 but not before that release. We had found that the necessary firmware was missing and were able to get it included before 12.04 released. I think the Broadcom 5720 works too with 12.04 but can't remember off-hand. You should be able to have the Squeeze installer work with the 57810 if you grab the linux-firmware package from Ubuntu 12.04 and install it in the installer environment before it scans for NICs.


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I'm on the way to buy PowerEdge R520 for virtualisation purpose. I'd like to install Debian based OS, ubuntu and KVM on it.
I would like to know if the

-          Fiber Optic network adapter like Broadcom 57810 DP 10Gb DA/SFP+

-          The on board NIC
are recognised by the kernel 3.2+ if I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS or Debian Squeeze


Mike Andriantsoavina

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