Monitoring hardware RAID: LSI SAS 2008 controller, OMSA

Philip A. Durbin pdurbin at
Thu Jul 26 09:37:55 CDT 2012

I have a number of PowerEdge C6145 servers with hardware RAID 
controllers called LSI 2008 SAS[1] on which I've set up RAID1 and now I 
want to monitor the status of the RAID.

I tried using OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) but under "Storage" 
I see "No storage controllers detected."

I found a tool from LSI called "sas2ircu" and it seems to work...

[root at server1 ~]# sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY | grep RAID1 -B1
   Status of volume                        : Okay (OKY)
   RAID level                              : RAID1

... so I packaged it up as an RPM and Nagios check[2]...

... but I still wonder why I can't use OMSA to monitor this card.  Am I 
completely off the rails using this "sas2ircu" tool?  Does everyone else 
just use OMSA for these cards?  If so, how?



1. The LSI 2008 SAS controllers seem to be known by a variety of names, 
so I'll list them here:

1a. From the Dell shopping site: Add-in LSI 2008 SAS/SATA Mezz Card 
supporting up to 6, 3.5" HDs SAS/SATA - No RAID

1b. From my service tag lookup: Part number - R0N1T, Description - 
Cable, ADD CRD, LSI 2008, C6145

1c. From `lspci | grep LSI`: 02:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller: 
LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] 
(rev 03)

2. The GitHub repos contain many useful links, but I'll reproduce them here:

SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility (SAS2IRCU) User Guide 
Version 1.0 February 2012 DB15-000933-00:

Philip A. Durbin
System Administrator
FAS Research Computing

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