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Wed Jul 18 15:19:42 CDT 2012

I'm looking for a bit of help on a pretty unique problem.  We have a KACE
K2000 in Virginia.  The KACE appliance duplicates OS install files to the
"slave" KACE VM's in California, London, and other locations.  KACE doesn't
directly support linux installations.  We hacked together a solution, where
after PXE booting into the K2000, the KACE appliance uploads a custom
boot.iso (isolinux) that points the client server to the ks.cfg file
located on the KACE NFS share.  The server's OS is then installed from the
KACE NFS share.  I set the default selection in isolinux to read the
kickstart, and set the timeout to 0.  The result is a 100% automated
install using KACE to deploy the boot.iso.

My goal is to only use the master KACE server to hold all images, allowing
us to develop installs in one primary location.  These images can then be
replicated to our other locations, where they can be installed via the
local KACE NFS share.  The challenge is that each location is on a
different network.  The boot.iso we created for Virginia won't work in
California as they're on different subnets.  Adding routes and installing
directly from Virginia is not really an option.

My original idea was to use some type of script to determine the local KACE
NFS IP's based on the DHCP address given to the client server during the
install.  If you have a California DHCP address, then you'll need to boot
from the California KACE NFS Share.  But, there appears to be no scripting
functionality in isolinux.  My second idea was that we could call it down
during the %pre section of the kickstart file.  But, the %pre section of
the ks is read after the ks is parsed and the NFS share is read.  Since the
ks won't be able to access the NFS share, that won't work.

I've thought about checking out a different pre-boot environment like smart
boot manager or knoppix, but I don't have much experience with either of
those tools.

I was hoping some of you linux experts out there might have some

Chris Fulp

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