R620 & Belkin IP KVM

Rob Heilman rheilman at echolabs.net
Mon Jul 16 20:28:19 CDT 2012

Anyone out there using an R620 with a Belkin IP KVM?  This is our first 12G server and when the USB IP KVM server module is connected the R620 hangs during boot.  The same connection works when connected to an R610.  Dell technicians have replaced the motherboard and a CPU but still no change in behavior.  The KVM is sold by Dell.  Links:


We are running the latest firmware on the KVM and upgraded the R620's BIOS to the latest version as well.  It hangs right after 

Management Engine Firmware	Version	: 0002.0001
							Patch	: 0005
							Build		: 0059

Tried playing with a few BIOS setting a bit but no change.  Has anyone else out there run into this or have ideas for a work around?

Rob Heilman

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