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Jonathan jonathan at
Mon Jul 16 06:10:46 CDT 2012

The R815 I have are using broadcom-chipsets for the onboard-NICs, thought,
so the driver would be 'bnx2';

Just using the remote-console is not automated enough,
right? IMO that will be faster than searching two days for
ways to automate the stuff...

Just my 2 cents,

On 07/16/2012 12:45 PM, Sven Ulland wrote:
> On 07/13/2012 03:50 PM, Gavin W. Burris wrote:
>> Can this be done from a Linux kickstart with ipmitool?  If so, what
>> do those commands look like?
> The closest would probably be the cmos tokens that you can read/write
> with various binaries from libsmbios-bin, like dumpCmos,
> isCmosTokenActive and activateCmosToken. Good luck finding the Dell
> reference for the cmos numbers, though.
> On the other hand, the simplest approach would likely be to disable
> the onboard nic module from the kernel command line. It's likely that
> it's loaded as a module, so you can inform modprobe/kmod that you want
> to blacklist a comma-separated list of modules [1]. Add the following
> to your pxe Linux kernel command line to blacklist the e1000 module:
>     modprobe.blacklist=e1000
> If the module is built into the kernel, you'd do
>     e1000.disable=1
> I can't find any reference to whether or not the 'disable' parameter
> is a generic one available for any module, or if the module has to
> implement it on its own.
> [1]: kmod_config: parse kernel command line for options and blacklist
> <URL:;a=commit;h=1684e4402c1c2ede6c4faf06e6ac1bc0ff284fc8>
> Sven
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