remotely configure bios

martin.flemming at martin.flemming at
Fri Jul 13 05:49:39 CDT 2012

Hi !

Is it possible to configure the  bios  remotely
before the machine is online or installed ?


i've got a bunch of R815's which got a additional 10G-Networkinterface 
additional to the embedded 4 NICs .. and i want to disable all 4 NIC's
before i will start the installation so that i can configure the 
Networkinterface as eth0 and and not as eth4 ....

There are several tools (dtk and omsa)for this kind of configuration,
but i need a running operating-system or a hole pxe-boot for this ...

And with ipmitool or SM-CLP i didn't find the possiblity to configure the 
BIOS ....

thanks & cheers


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