Problem with bnx2 NICs & latest RHEL/CentOS kernel

George Hills george at
Thu Jul 12 10:01:13 CDT 2012


Is anyone using the kernel from RHEL / CentOS 6.3 and having trouble with bnx2 NICs in a Poweredge?

I'm trying the EL 6.3 kernels (2.6.32-279 and 2.6.32-279.1.1) on a Poweredge R510 with built-in bnx2 NICs, and seeing link up, but no traffic passing.

All the previous kernels were fine.

I've tried changing to the bnx2 firmware from the previous kernel (no change)

I've tried using the previous kernel with the kmod-bnx2 package (which includes the same bnx2 driver as the new kernel), and that works fine.


George Hills
Systems Administrator

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