Good idea? Dell MD1000 with 3TB SAS drives using a PERC 6/e controller to attach to a PowerEdge R905.

Rich Graves rgraves at
Wed Jul 11 10:53:25 CDT 2012

I was recently shocked to find that we could buy a new PowerEdge 720xd for significantly less than a MD1200 with the same number of disks. Obviously, that is going to cost you more than a second-hand MD1000, but consider it if your 905 is nearing end of life too.

As a rule, I prefer software RAID because it's more portable. There's a lot of MD1200's full of 2TB disks on the secondary market. You'll need more disks, but acquisition cost is a wash. For 50% more rack space, power, and cooling you get 50% better performance.

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