Good idea? Dell MD1000 with 3TB SAS drives using a PERC 6/e controller to attach to a PowerEdge R905.

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Wed Jul 11 10:22:45 CDT 2012

Hi Diederick,

I just sold on e-bay the PERC 6/e in my T410 because it didn't see the 3Tb 
SAS drives (OEM constellation) which I had working fine in another 
workstation. With my snap-in replacement (Megaraid 9280-4i4e) all disk 
were properly detected and imported by the HBA.

You might want to make sure your HBA supports 3tb drives. I think the H200 
and H700 do that.



On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Steve Thompson wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Diederick Stoffers wrote:
>> We have a PowerEdge R905 and are running out of disk space. I can get a
>> great deal on a refurbished PowerVault MD1000 with a Dell PERC 6/e RAID
>> controller, no disks. Can anyone comment on putting Enterprise grade
>> Seagate Constellation 3TB SAS disks in RAID6 mode in this direct
>> attached storage solution?
> I don't know about the 2TB vs 3TB question, but be sure that you use
> interposers with these drives, even if the shelf is not in split bus mode.
> Very flaky behavior otherwise, probably due to marginal signal strengths.
> Steve
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