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I assume that you have set up the appropriate Hardware Repositories that 
"power" the yum-based FW update.

I can't answer to the number of Packages installed, but it may simply be 
that there are only 5 major components that require Firmware.
The update_firmware usually does take "some" time; my experience is that 
it isn't unusual for it to run 5 minutes or longer on an R300.
The same device reported may be, for example, multiple Ethernet cards, 
does that make sense in your case?

Generally, the only Firmware update that requires a reboot, and hence puts 
out the message, is a BIOS update. Other FW is updated in-situ.

It might be useful for the list to see the output of your update_firmware 
command. You need to specify option "--yes" to make the FW update happen, 
otherwise, you just get a dry-run.
You might also run inventory_firmware to see what components it believes 
are present, and what their current FW revisions are.

Hope that helps.


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hi everybody

I'm trying update_firmware out for the first time, on a R815

yum install $(bootstrap_firmware) got me barely five 

my question would be - how long does it usually take?

also - is it normal to see the same device 
(ven_0x14e4_dev_0x1639 in this case) reported several time 
during the update? if not would it mean the the software got 
itself looped in somehow?
at the same time it reports after each 100%

"Done: Update success. You must perform a reboot for the 
update to take effect."

but I understand one must wait till it is all finished(?), 
only this one same devices appearing multiple time boggles 
my mind, and it takes long time, is it normal?

any info greatly appreciated,

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