DSET 3.2: OS detection, SFCB service mandatory

Phil Gardner phil.gardnerjr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 09:09:30 CDT 2012

funny out we were just discussing this, and someone else has the same 

/etc/issue is the file you need to edit. looks like it just needs "Red" :)

On 07/11/2012 09:56 AM, Giulio wrote:
> PE-T620, CENTOS 6.x 2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.x86_64
> I'm running DSET 2.2 and I realized DSET 3.2 is available on Dell web site.
> I had 2 issues with DSET 3.2 install:
> When trying to instal DSET there's a new OS detection
> 	OS_NAME1=`cat /etc/issue | grep ESX`
> 	OS_NAME2=`cat /etc/issue | grep SUSE`
> 	OS_NAME3=`cat /etc/issue | grep Red`
> Since we use CentOS, I had already rewritten /etc/redhat-release to match
> what OMSA and other Dell software expect to find in it.
> But now DSET looks at /etc/issue instead of /etc/redhat-release,
> unfortunately we customize /etc/issue and it doesn't contain "Red Hat" or
> "CentOS" strings.
> Is looking at /etc/issue the new way all Dell software will use for OS
> detection going forward?
> 2) New service mandatory:
> Upon install this is printed on the screen:
> 	The Small Footprint CIM Broker (SFCB) is a network service that enables
> 	remote collection of system configuration information.
> 	To perform the option that you selected, it is necessary to install and
> 	start this service and leave it running in background for future
> 	configuration collection
> 	Continue installing/activating the SFCB on this system to listen for
> 	incoming collection requests from clients.
> Old versions of DSET would allow you to just run the diagnostics to send the
> zip file to Dell support w/o installing anything permanent; the new version
> not only didn't allow me to do that, but it wants to install a permanent
> service (I already have OMSA 7 installed with its services running).
> Is this new DSET service really necessary?
> Thanks
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