the disk name is inconsistent across reboot with with H200 on CentOS 4.8

dell at dell at
Wed Jul 11 07:04:31 CDT 2012

On Wed, July 11, 2012 05:30, Łukasz Jagiełło wrote:
> 2012/7/11 <Jason_Wang2 at>
>> Server : R510
>> OS:  CentOS 4.8
>> HBA:  Perc H200, non-RAID
>> Disk: 2T x12
>> Firstly the disk name is out of order like the following table.
>> sda
> [...]
>> Secondly, the disk name is inconsistent across reboot except sda.  For
>> example, the second disk is sdd  and the name change to sdf after
>> reboot.
>> We also tried the H200 driver from, it does not work.
> Upgrade CentOS to more recent and start use UUID. You will have always
> same UUID for hdd.

You don't say what problem is presented by the wandering device names, so
my presumption (and Lukasz's) is that you're using device names in
/etc/fstab to identify the filesystems.  You can use UUIDs or labels to
avoid the problem and both are available in RHEL4, so I presume they're in
Centos 4.8.  See -U and -L options of tune2fs.  You can also mess with
udev rules to "fix" the device names, I think, but it's not worth it since
uuid/label is so easy and reliable.

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