Perc 5/I fatal firmware error - DATA Abort Exception

Torsten Krah tkrah at
Tue Jul 10 08:17:07 CDT 2012


found my PE2950 server currently dead and console just prints out:

rejecting i/o to offline device

After reboot all seems fine but the perc controller log contains this:

07/10/12 12:40:53: *** DATA ABORT exception: sf=a00ffd58
07/10/12 12:40:53: CPSR=20000013: N=0,Z=0,C=1,V=0,Q=0   I=0 F=0 T=0
07/10/12 12:40:53:  r0=00000000   r1=a141e000   r2=00000001
07/10/12 12:40:53:  r4=a1475c00   r5=00000000   r6=00000000
07/10/12 12:40:53:  r8=a1475c00   r9=00000000  r10=00000000
07/10/12 12:40:53: r12=a1475c04   lr=a084fb44   pc=a0851bc4
EVT#20668-07/10/12 12:40:53:  15=Fatal firmware error: Line 1029
in ../../raid/verdeMain.c

I am currently running 5.2.1-0067 firmware on this device.
Anyone knows this problem? Is this fixed with a newer firmware revision?
Anyone some more input what this firmware error wants to tell me?


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