PE-T620/RHEL6x: why does OMSA report "warning icon" for battery?

Giulio giulioo at
Mon Jul 9 13:24:02 CDT 2012

PE-T620, BIOS: 1.2.6, CENTOS 6.x 2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.x86_64 

OMSA: 7.0.0
	Firmware Version	21.0.2-0001
	Driver Version

PE-T620 is brand new, if this matters.

On the main OMSA web page 
	Health -> Components -> Storage
I get a warning icon (yellow triangle with black esclamation mark on top)
for "Storage".
I click on "Storage", then click on "PERC H710P", and I then can see that
the warning icon is for the "Battery".
I click on "Battery" and I get this info:
	Name	Battery 0
	Status	<Warning esclamation mark>
	State	Ready
	Predicted Capacity Status	Unknown

$ sudo omreport storage battery
List of Batteries in the System
Controller PERC H710P Adapter (Slot 4)
ID                        : 0
Status                    : Non-Critical   <==== 
Name                      : Battery 0
State                     : Ready
Recharge Count            : Not Applicable
Max Recharge Count        : Not Applicable
Predicted Capacity Status : Unknown
Learn State               : Not Applicable
Next Learn Time           : Not Applicable
Maximum Learn Delay       : Not Applicable

I searched for "predicted capacity" (the only parameter that is "Unknown")
in the following docs
	Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Version 7.0
	Command Line Interface Guide
	Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Version 7.0
	Messages Reference Guide
and didn't find anything.

Is this normal?
If this is normal, how can I make the warning icon go away so that in the
future I won't be misled by it?


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