On-board bnx2 10G on R620: VLANs, iDRAC, iSCSI

Rich Graves rgraves at carleton.edu
Fri Jul 6 12:21:00 CDT 2012

I've got a couple R620's with iDRAC7 Express and the Broadcom 57800 2x10G fiber + 2x1G copper daughtercard option. 

They will be running RHEL 5.8.

Ideally, what I would like is:

1) iDRAC/IPMI goes to one of the 1G copper ports.
2) The 10G link is a trunk to several VLANs.
3) Over one of those VLANs -- I don't care it it's tagged or pvid -- boot from iSCSI.

The Google shows an awful lot of chaff from old problems, but I'm not sure where the current friendly manual is.

Some questions:

1) I see that eth0/eth4 and eth1/eth5 are pairs, presumably corresponding to "regular" and "iSCSI offload" instances of the same network port. Which is which?
2) How do I configure iDRAC/IPMI to use a different physical port?
3) Do I want to run the RHEL5.8 bnx2[i] drivers, or the *older* drivers available from Dell? The issues identified in linux_readme.txt were addressed in RHEL5.8.
4) How do I use the boot-from-iSCSI bits? I've avoided bnx2i, preferring software iSCSI and boot-from-FC due to past reliability issues, but it seems to have matured, yes? If there's any reason to be leery, FC is still an option.
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