Mixing ST31000640SS and ST1000NM0001 in a 2950

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 3 10:02:56 CDT 2012

On 07/03/2012 07:57 AM, kfx wrote:
> Does anyone know if mixing Seagate ST31000640SS and ST1000NM0001 will
> work for a RAID 5 configuration in a (out of warranty) 2950 ?
> The adapter is a LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 1078 (rev 04)
> (PERC 5i ?).
> On 6 HDD, 5 are ST31000640SS ( 1TB, 7200rpm, 16MB cache, SAS 3 Gb/s)
> and we may replacing a faulting one with a ST1000NM0001 (1TB, 7200rpm,
> 64MB cache, SAS 6 Gb/s).

# /usr/local/LSI-Tools/megacli-overview
[Adapter 0]
ADP[0]=( PERC 6/i Integrated),FWPkg( 6.3.1-0003),FWVer( 1.22.32-1371)
BBU[0]=(Learning?=No, charge=99 %, status=Complete, isSOHGood=Yes)
Spun Up,F=None
PD[32:1]=(SEAGATE/ST31000424SS/KS68/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online,
Spun Up,F=None
PD[32:2]=(WD/WD1000FYYG/D1B3/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online, Spun
PD[32:3]=(SEAGATE/ST31000640SS/MS0C/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online,
Spun Up,F=None
PD[32:4]=(SEAGATE/ST1000NM0001/PS04/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online,
Spun Up,F=None
PD[32:5]=(SEAGATE/ST31000640SS/MS0C/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online,
Spun Up,F=None
PD[32:6]=(SEAGATE/ST1000NM0001/PS06/SERIALNUM) ME=0,OE=0,PF=0,FW=Online,
Spun Up,F=None
Spun Up,F=None
VD[0:0]=("OpSys",R(6,0,3),SZ= 124.998 GB,SS=512
KB,CP=(W=WB,R=ReadADP,IO=D),# 8,Optimal)
VD[0:1]=("Data",R(6,0,3),SZ= 5.333 TB,SS=512
KB,CP=(W=WB,R=ReadADP,IO=D),# 8,Optimal)

This system has had EVERY disk replaced at least once.  crappy seagate
(or were they ST31000424SS originally?)   As you can see, your two
devices exist
together in this system fine.  It is a PERC 6/i, but i'm pretty sure we
have other systems
with PERC5/i that this works in as well.

The LSI/PERC controllers are pretty good about working (whether
optimally or not may be
another question) with variant drive types and firmware.


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