dsm_om_connsvcd high cpu utilization

Chris Good chris at g2.nu
Sun Jul 1 15:06:12 CDT 2012

Ricardo Stella wrote:
> * Newbie alert *=20
> Trying to figure out what's causing high cpu utilization by dsm_om_connsvcd=
> . All of a sudden noticed this across 3 PE-R610 running RHEL6 (all mirror o=
> f each other). I've restarted the services, but process comes right back at=
>  high CPU usage.=20
> Any ideas? Running OMSA 6.5.0.=20

It's a leap-second bug.  http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/07/leap-second-bug-wreaks-havoc-with-java-linux/

It's easily fixed with:

date -s "`date -u`"

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