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Sun Jul 1 13:43:54 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Just another Quick Followup: What a difference did the Dell cable make. No 
more SAS_A errors and everything boots up fine. The SAS-B cable isn't 
connected (hence reducing my drive bays from 6 to 4) an reported an error, 
which I cleared using omconfig, but this will do for now. My T410 works 
very fine and actually has its 3Tb drives connected at 6GBps.
Thanks for the help!


On Wed, 20 Jun 2012, vincent at wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Just a quick follow-up
> I got two 50cm SAS Multilane cables (SFF-8087 <-> SFF-8087) and replaced
> the current SAS 6i/R with my LSI Megaraid 9280 4i4e HBA. The new HBA is
> now able to detect the 3TB drives from the SAS Backplane and it works
> fine, -but-:
> - Upon bootup my T410 complains that the intergrated RAID is missing (I
> know that but I'd like to -ackwnowledge- this error).
> - It also complains that the SAS_A port isn't connected (it is - with the
> 3ware cable-, it's the SAS_B which isn't since I only have one SFF8087
> on my 9280).
> At any case, I ordered a Dell Dual SAS to SAS 2.5FT Controller/Backplane
> Cable (CK58H) because I need longer cables and maybe that one will clear
> the SAS_A error but then again I don't know how to clear the missing HBA
> error...
> Any help/hints apreciated,
> Thank you,
> Vincent
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2012, vincent at wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> 	I Just got (for home) a PowerEdge T410 with a SAS 6/R (it's an additionnal
>> PCI-E Card) and a cabled hot-swap disk cage..
>> 	My problem is that I'd like to move everything (disks, ethernet,
>> NVidia) from my old workstation to the T410 server -including- my current
>> LSI Logic 9280-8i RAID adapter (does SATA/SAS 6Gbps).. In order to do
>> just that, I would need to replace the SAS cables that go from the
>> backplane to the Dell SAS 6 HBA..
>> On the HBA itself, it looks like I have two SFF-8484 connectors. On the
>> backplane itself, it looks like an SFF-8087 connector.. (I could be
>> wrong).
>> So am I correct in assuming I would need something like a pair of
>> SFF-8087 <-> SFF-8087 cables (SFF-8087 is what I have on my 9280-8i, I
>> think).
>> Looking at, I seems I
>> would need something like the iSAS-7373-HT/.5m or iSAS-7373-HT/1m.
>> Does that sound correct?
>> Any comments, warnings, etc...?
>> Thanks for the help,
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