OMSA and CERC SATA 6-Channel RAID controller

Charles Knox knox at
Tue Jan 31 13:57:27 CST 2012

Hi All,
    I have a PE1800 that had been running RHEL4 since it was put into
service.  With RHEL4 going off support Real Soon Now, I have rebuilt the
system using 64 bit RHEL 6.2 .  When I went to find a version of OMSA that
would support this configuration, the documentation seemed to indicate that
OMSA 6.4 would work with the PE1800.  This seems to be the case, as I can
open the web interface and see the system (no DRAC on board).  What I can't
see is the storage interface to the CERC SATA-6  controller.  
     As it is always nice to be able to monitor and control one's hardware I
am wondering if I have missed something in the software installation or
setup.   The disk space on the RAID is presented as /dev/sda.  The OMSA
interface sees the card when you the contents of the "slots" on the system
board.  But the only storage I see is the built in LSI 1030 SCSI controller.

     Was support for the CERC dropped with OMSA 6.4 or have I done something
wrong.  It isn't much fun to have to drop to BIOS level to do RAID
maintenance, especially since the physical system is in Arizona on a
mountaintop while my office is in Cleveland OH.  This is extra hard with no
DRAC installed (I am looking into getting one, as I think I will be needing
it).  I have the old Dell afa-apps installed so I can do some work, but the
graphical web interface was great for quick checking and other tasks.  
     So, is there anyone out there who is trying to use a system similar to
this or am I on my own?

Charley Knox
Associate Astronomer
Dept. of Astronomy
Case Western Reserve University
knox at

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