advice on resolving some basic (FAQ?) PE / MDS issues

jason andrade jason at
Sat Jan 28 04:22:33 CST 2012


It's been a while since i've had to do this on Dell kit (maybe 7+ generations!)
so i'm wondering if there's a FAQ or can someone point me at the best way to go
about this.  I've done a fair bit of googling but some of the answers are a
bit sketchy on detail.

Machines have either RHEL6.1 or Ubuntu 10 or 11 installed currently.

o Installing the modern version of OMSA ? i've found the linux repo and
   followed the instructions but there were a _lot_ of dependencies i had
   to resolve and it's unclear whether i've ended up with 6.5.0 or 6.5.3?

   I'm going to guess 6.5.0 based on:


o The best way to do bios upgrades and firmware upgrades etc.

Is there a bundled ISO to burn and boot or a preferred way to
update all the bios through OMSA installed under linux ?

I'm helping some people with a small cluster of R715s/R815s and
i don't think any of the firmware has been updated since the
boxes were taken out of boxes..

I'm seeing the machine crash with a RHEL 6.1 install complaining
about PCIe errors on the slot with the dual port broadcom 10G

In addition they have MDS3200 with a couple of shelves - is there
a recommended way of updating firmware on there as well ?

Lastly - anyone have tips for a 'out of the box' deployment of
the MDS3200 with RHEL6 ? There's a chunk of startup errors that
show up which seem to be resolved by rebuilding the initrd image
but i'm still researching that..

They have a very simple setup of dual controller MDS connected with
a single SAS path from each controller in the head node back to
a single dual port SAS card.

Any advice would be great as i get back up to speed with current
Dell hardware.



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