OMSA 6.5 does not update RAID/disk status (R510) (SOLVED)

Michael Decker m.decker at
Fri Jan 27 03:22:05 CST 2012

Hi Jare,

thanks for the hint. That seems to have done the trick, the info is
updated in real-time now!


On 26.01.2012 19:31, Jared_Dominguez at wrote:
> A fix may be to run the 2.6.39 kernel from squeeze-backports.
> --Jared
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> Hi Michael,
> Michael Decker wrote:
>> I ran into a problem with OMSA 6.5 (latest) on my R510 Server using
>> Debian stable: After installation from the dell Debian repo
>> (srvadmin-all) everything looks OK at first, but it turns out that the
>> disk info is never updated again after the services are started at boot
>> time. This results in missing crucial disk failures among other things,
>> so this is really a problem.
>> So far I could find out that I can force an update by restarting the
>> dataeng services manually. Just as in the boot situation, this will lead
>> to a one-time update of information and will trigger warning events
>> exactly one time as well. So far my workaround is that I restart dataeng
>> via cronjob once every hour to get some semi-up-to-date information on
>> the status of my disks and controller (PERC H700).
>> I have also tried the older OMSA 6.4 release and it shows the exact same
>> problem. I failed to find anyone else having this problem so far, so I'm
>> wondering if this is known to happen or if I'm the only one...
> I have the same problem and it seems to be restricted to just r510
> servers. I have not noticed this problem on our r710 or r310. We use
> Debian Squeeze / 64 bit - Bios Version 1.6.3.
> Cheers,
> Lars
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