Dell PoweredgeT300: installing Open Manage and dracadm on Debian Squeze

Mike Brodbelt mike at
Mon Jan 23 07:01:59 CST 2012

On 13/01/12 12:43, Robin Kipp wrote:
> Hello all,

> as I stated in a previous message to the list, I'm currently working
> on setting up a Dell PoweredgeT300 server running Debian Squeze. Now,
> in order to perform proper system management, I'd like to install
> both Open Manage and the dracadm tool on the system. Unfortunately,
> it appears that Dell doesn't officially provide packages for Debian.
> After some googling, I was able to find some how-to's describing
> various ways of installing Open Manage on Debian, but none of these
> methods actually seemed to be "clean", also some of the tutorials I
> found were quite contradictory in how they wanted the user to install
> packages and stuff. So, I was wondering, can someone here possibly
> point me in the right direction for docs on installing Open Manage
> and dracadm on Debian? Thanks a lot!

Don't know whether you already found an answer to this, but Dell do 
offer Debian packages for OpenManage. Download rates aren't that good, 
so it's best to mirror their repository locally - we fetch it from 



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