PE210 II : Xorg DRI / G200eW WPCM450 not possible

Martin Hamant martin at
Fri Jan 20 04:52:25 CST 2012


(--) MGA(0): Chipset: "mgag200 eW Nuvoton"
(==) MGA(0): VideoRAM: 8128 kByte

I was wondering if is it a known workaround to use DRI of the embedded 
G200 on this server.

I get a line in the log

  MGA(0): [drm] Direct rendering only supported with G200/G400/G450/G550.

I know these are server which are designed for display... but if the 
hardware can really do it, why not using it ?

Another question:

Is the video RAM is shared with system memory ? I didn't see any setting 
for that in the system BIOS.

Thanks !!


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