Issues updating DRAC5 firmware

Robin Kipp mlists at
Thu Jan 12 18:47:14 CST 2012

Hello all!
Well, I'm running a Dell Poweredge T300 Server, which has a built in DRAC5 card. Now, since I received the DRAC quite a while ago, the firmware it is running is only V1.33. Since the functionality of that version is pretty limited compared to v1.60, I wanted to upgrade to that version. Thus, I downloaded the self-extracting archive from the Dell support site, and ended up with a firmimg.d5 file. Since it seems like my current v1.33 firmware doesn't allow me to upload a firmware image using the web interface, I was looking for an alternative way of doing it. What I ended up doing was the following:
1. Copied firmimg.d5 to a folder on my Mac OS system
2. Started a TFTP server on the Mac, making the directory in which firmimg.d5 was located the root of the TFTP.
3. Connected to the DRAC directly using SSH and root login.
4. Issued the following commant:
dracadm fwupdate -g -u -a <IP>
Unfortunately, with this command, I always got an error message stating "TFTP server said: invallid path". I've tried supplying various paths using the -d option, however with no luck at all.
Am I doing something wrong here? The only other thing I could possibly do would be to run the dracadm program on the server, so it could get the file from the hard drive. However, I am running Debian Linux and haven't been able to find out how to install dracadm on that operating system.
It would be really awesome if someone could help me with this, as I really would like to update this firmware!
Thanks a lot!

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