Dell R900 with kernel panics

Mark Nipper nipsy at
Thu Jan 12 10:38:10 CST 2012

On 12 Jan 2012, Eduardo Schoedler wrote:
>    I'm running one dedicated mysql server on Dell r900 with 2x Xeon E7310
>    (quad-core each) and 16GB RAM, OS Gentoo Linux amd64.

	The very first thing I would try is a different
distribution.  Since you've gone off the reservation a bit by
running Gentoo, it will be hard to replicate the issue most
likely.  Which isn't to dissuade you from running Gentoo.  But,
it is a rather "do it yourself" approach where you can run into
all sorts of issues like this.  There is something to be said for
the exposure that the larger distributions get, especially using
already compiled, standard packages for everyone.  That just
means a lot more people experience problems quicker, so bugs will
most likely be fixed sooner than a more roll your own system like

	Having said that, a Google search reveals others having
similar issues with Gentoo lately:

I'd say you've hit a common bug like these other people.

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