[OFF-Topic] R210 II / new BIOS (1.3.1) file unavailable / corsair USB "hang" on coldboot ?

Martin Hamant martin at sound4.biz
Tue Jan 10 03:52:21 CST 2012

On 09/01/12 14:57, Martin Hamant wrote:
>> Thanks for the support, I can confirm this is not simple at all :D
>> I have downloaded successfully R210-II_BIOS_JVPR5_WN32_1.3.1.exe from
>> the dell.com/support , choosing R210II then BIOS
>> As I have an OEM R210 II the Service Tag is not really usable with dell
>> database so .... I choose R210 II by hand

Ok, now I understand that R210 II BIOS file is not compatible (ie: 
"tag-compatible")  with my R210 II EOM
I have a pending ticket @ Dell for that.
The reason I need to try updating the BIOS is because it hangs on 
"testing memory" for 4min when I plug a CORSAIR VOYAGER GT 16GB in any 
usb slot at initial cold boot. After that "hang" time, the stick is not 
detected until the server is hot-rebooted (Ctrl+Alt+Suppr), after what 
all going fine.
Means, if there is a power loss, the server doesn't reboot by itself on 
the stick !!!

I have two thread opened for that:

1) Dell

2) Corsair

I am waiting for a phone call back from Dell ....

PS: We have no choice on the stick model

If anyone is able to help, you're welcome !!!


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