R210 II / new BIOS (1.3.1) file unavailable ?

Martin Hamant martin at sound4.biz
Mon Jan 9 10:25:28 CST 2012

Le 09/01/2012 17:00, George Hills a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 09/01/12 14:57, Martin Hamant wrote:
>> Thanks for the support, I can confirm this is not simple at all :D
>> I have downloaded successfully R210-II_BIOS_JVPR5_WN32_1.3.1.exe from
>> the dell.com/support , choosing R210II then BIOS
>> As I have an OEM R210 II the Service Tag is not really usable with dell
>> database so .... I choose R210 II by hand
> What does your OEM say when you ask for BIOS updates?

What do you mean exactly ?
My service Tag is J00F75J

>> I have opened the archive executable above with 7zip, found the HDR
>> file. Copied into my linux system, and ran:
>> $ sudo dellBiosUpdate -u -f PER210II_010301.hdr
>> blah blah the update successfully staged,  reboot the system to begin
>> BIOS update.
>> I reboot the system. No update happen ? The BIOS is not updated...
> If you're running RHEL/CentOS, can you use the Linux native update package?
I am using ubuntu 10.04 LTS... and the native update package just 
doesn't work on it.
I just tried from a MS-DOS usb bootable stick.
I execute the "unpackaged" BIOS file from Dell Support Website, it says 
the following:

"Please do not remove the AC power !"
bla bla bla
File loading 100%
bla bla
Current BIOS Model name: (nothing)
New Bios Model name: PowerEdge T110 II (??? Do you see that ??)

*in red* Cannot use a "PowerEdge T110 II BIOS in a " "
blabla update not performed

It would explain why the HDR file I've extracted from the windows 
archive executable doesn't work neither.

Why don't just implement a USB driver within a Flash Utility from the 
bios ???? :D

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