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Mon Jan 9 10:22:46 CST 2012

On 09 Jan 2012, Charbel Habbouche wrote:
> I joined the Group Lately searching for a software to monitor all dell servers , r310 , r710 , r910 ,.... 
> Sorry if i'm not involved but can someone help me for that ?!!

	Totally unrelated to the original thread of course, but,
I'd say a lot of people are probably using Nagios
( or something based on Nagios.  If you're
also running an operating system supported by the Dell OMSA stack
(, you can
then, very easily, run check_openmanage
( from
Trond Hasle Amundsen which will cover a lot of the sanity checks
you'd want in place to make sure your systems are healthy.

	I'm sure some other people have some other methods.  But
this is a pretty good start if you've never done any kind of
comprehensive monitoring before.

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