R210 II / new BIOS (1.3.1) file unavailable ?

Martin Hamant martin at sound4.biz
Mon Jan 9 08:57:11 CST 2012

Le 09/01/2012 15:18, George Hills a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 09/01/12 12:56, Martin Hamant wrote:
>> I saw from dell.com/support there was a BIOS update 1.3.1 available but
>> it seems the hdr file is not present from
>> http://linux.dell.com/repo/firmware/bios-hdrs/ for my system ID (which
>> is 0x04DD)
>> Any tip ?
> Dell firmware updates are a complete mess as far as I can tell - here's
> how it seems to me. I'd be (very) grateful for corrections if I'm wrong.
> The key thing is that *there is no one single up-to-date source*. That
> said, the repo you mention is usually very out-of-date.
> The best way for most purposes is to visit
> http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/uk/en/ukbsdt1/DriversHome/
> and enter your service tag.
> If you're lucky, and the database has the correct details for your
> service tag, then this will offer you updates for all the components of
> your system.
> If you've added things later (RAID card upgrade etc) then you'll have to
> resort to the website's search engine as you won't be offered everything
> you need on the basis of your server's service tag. I've never had much
> luck with this - in particular, although you can find individual
> firmware releases (google "h700 firmware" for instance), there is no
> webpage which definitely states what the latest version number is.
> It's sometimes the case that a new BIOS or firmware has been released
> but the website's search engine hasn't updated. In this case you'll need
> to call support and ask for it.
> It used to be the case that you could look on ftp.us.dell.com in the
> appropriate directory (/BIOS /power /sata etc etc) and find the most
> recent update by filename - eg
> ftp://ftp.dell.com/BIOS/PER210_BIOS_LX_1.8.2.BIN.
> Within the past few weeks, it seems the policy has changed, and the
> various updates are now scattered in randomly-named directories off the
> root of the ftp site named things like "FOLDER98821M". So there's no
> point looking on the ftp site any more unless your hardware is so
> ancient (2900/1900 generation) that there are no more updates.
> There's also the "SUU" (bootable DVD of firmware updates) route - but as
> these are only compiled every few months, you're always installing
> slightly out-of-date firmwares if you use this.
> I do understand that a lot of good people within Dell are working very
> hard to bring us updates and keep repositories, websites, etc, all
> up-to-date - but our experience is one of great frustration :-(
Thanks for the support, I can confirm this is not simple at all :D
I have downloaded successfully R210-II_BIOS_JVPR5_WN32_1.3.1.exe from 
the dell.com/support , choosing R210II then BIOS
As I have an OEM R210 II the Service Tag is not really usable with dell 
database so .... I choose R210 II by hand

I have opened the archive executable above with 7zip, found the HDR 
file. Copied into my linux system, and ran:
$ sudo dellBiosUpdate -u -f PER210II_010301.hdr
blah blah the update successfully staged,  reboot the system to begin 
BIOS update.

I reboot the system. No update happen ? The BIOS is not updated...

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