Problems with R410

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at
Sat Jan 7 10:58:04 CST 2012

On 01/07/2012 01:50 AM, Mark Nipper wrote:
> On 07 Jan 2012, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
>> As it turned out the systems have been delivered with the management
>> functions turned off. I had to create a dos boot usb stick with the
>> broadcom uxdiag.exe tool and issue a "uxdiag -t abcd -mfw 1" the enable the
>> management.
>> After that the DRAC detected the link and everything started working as
>> expected.
>> I'm not exactly happy that it took Dell almost two weeks to figure this out
>> in which they made us reconfigure the DRAC several times and gave us
>> dubious information ("If you use vlans on the host you can no longer use
>> vlans with DRAC") but at lease we finally got to the bottom of this.
> 	Was this an express (shared) or enterprise (standalone)
> DRAC?  I assume express.  Either way, I didn't realize this was
> even possible.  Good to know.

The systems are currently only equipped with the express version since we 
weren't aware the virtual console only works with the enterprise extension. 
Previously we used Supermicro systems and they come with this feature out 
of the box.


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