OMSA packages - some are unsigned?

Ian Forde ianforde at
Fri Jan 6 16:21:11 CST 2012

I was attempting to update my OMSA channel in Spacewalk (1.6 with
Postgresql) today from 6.5.0 to 6.5.3.  I noticed a couple of strange

1) The packages say 6.5.0.  Going to
for example, I don't see anything actually saying 6.5.3.  So is this
not 6.5.3?
2) I'm using dell-satellite-sync as follows:
   Out with the old...
   /usr/bin/dell-satellite-sync -d -S -f -v --rhel5-only --gpg-url
   In with the new...
   /usr/bin/dell-satellite-sync --localdir
/var/www/html/pub/dell-repo/ -v --rhel5-only --force --gpg-url

First thing I noticed was that I had to stop spacewalk and add
"force_package_upload=1" to /etc/rhn/rhn.conf and restart spacewalk so
that packages could be uploaded.  No biggie - that's not a Dell

Then I realized that since I had already download the Dell packages
(or at least those that were indicated as 6.5.3), I could run the
latter dell-satellite-sync command with the "no-rsync" option.

/usr/bin/dell-satellite-sync --localdir /var/www/html/pub/dell-repo/
-v --rhel5-only --force --no-rsync --gpg-url

But then when it started to upload, I got the following eventually..

Package ./sas_raid/r282636/dkms- Not Found on RHN
Server -- Uploading
Uploading package ./sas_raid/r282636/dkms-
ERROR: ./sas_raid/r282636/dkms- unsigned rpm
(use --nosig to force)

06.01.2012 14:15:53: Info: rhnpush exited with returncode: 1
06.01.2012 14:15:53: ! rhnpush process exited with returncode: 1

So I take a look at the package and what do I see...
  cd /var/www/html/pub/dell-repo/system.ven_0x1028.dev_0x029b/rh50_64/sas_raid/r282636/
  rpm --checksig *
dkms- sha1 md5 OK
megaraid_sas-v00. (sha1) dsa sha1 md5 gpg OK

Looks like dkms isn't signed.  Can the kind folks of Dell please let
me know if this is intentional or should it be signed?  Also, is this
really 6.5.3, despite the version numbers and dates on the packages?


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